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Susan - 4 of 5 Shares Sponsored


Place Cap Haitien

Project Orphanage

Family Susan and her brother John came to the orphanage after their father passed away and their mother could no longer care for them.

Gender Female

Susan has been at the orphanage since she was 10 years old. She has become a great role model for the young children and helps take care of the young children with tremendous joy. Her favorite subject in school is math.

New Update

Published Wed, Jul 05, 17. Written by Mary Ka Powers.

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Public Message

Published Wed, Dec 21, 16. Written by David McWilliams.

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Education Update

Published Mon, Oct 12, 15. Written by David McWilliams.

Susan is progressing well in her studies and earned high marks in her latest assessments. She plans to continue her education in our secondary school and eventually attend University.