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Biggest Need

Place Cap Haitien

Project Friends Forever

Age 16

Family Jones-Smith

Gender Female

Grade 11

Shoe Size 5

Dana showed up one day at the center, alone and disheveled. After contacting several organization we found out she was an orphan that had been living on the streets for a few months.

We took her in right away. Dana has no siblings that we know of but is quickly becoming part of the center family.


New School Year

Published Wed, Nov 13, 19. Written by Mary Ka Powers.

It's a new school year for Dana.  She is looking forward to learning more - especially Math!

School Year Is Over

Published Mon, Aug 06, 18. Written by Mary Ka Powers.

Dana had a great year this year and is looking forward to her Summer.  But she won't be away from the books, she has developed a LOVE of reading!

Spring Update on Dana

Published Wed, Jan 17, 18. Written by Mary Ka Powers.

Dana is doing great. 

End of School Year

Published Wed, Dec 06, 17. Written by Mary Ka Powers.

Dana did so well in school this year! She was able to study hard and improve both her math skills and her vocabulary.
The center has been working hard with her since she came in to help her improve her social skills. Dana now has many friends, a few close friends she calls her sisters.
It is nice to see Dana start to blossom, she has come so far in just one year. We are looking forward to watching her grow.



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