Each Summer, we are blessed with many volunteers and visitors.

We are so grateful for their efforts each summer to help with service projects, updates to our school, water projects, worship events, hygiene and nutrition education and our summer camps.

We, and our children and families, will miss them so much this Summer!

Although we will not be hosting volunteers and visitors this year, you can still help by donating to our general fund. 

All donations received during the COVID-19 pandemic will be used to continue operations and support our community, including special food distributions to many of our families facing starvation.

$50 will provide food for one family for 4 weeks.

$150 will provide food for three families for 4 weeks.

$250 will provide food for five families for 4 weeks. 

$300 will provide food for six families for 4 weeks.

$500 will provide food for ten families for 4 weeks.

Update: As of May 15th, our team has distributed food to 225 families! Extended lockdowns continue to make it extremely difficult for mothers and fathers to work to put food on the table for their families. Let's keep reaching more families.

Please note that the contents and the amount of food may vary from pictures based on the location and size of the family.

If you wish to give monthly (select monthly under Frequency), your donation will provide food for families this month and in the following months as needed. Going forward, your donation will provide for medical, educational, and vocational training needs for the community we serve. 

Every dollar donated goes a long way.

We are so grateful for your support.

Thank you!