Help bring clean water to the people of Haiti!

We are actively bringing clean water to the people of Haiti by digging much needed water wells. Your support will help us fund and increase our efforts.

Did you know?

Unstable government, natural disasters - mudslides and earthquakes - have further led Haitians to lack access to safe, clean water. After the earthquake in 2010, thousands fled to the countryside and water sources, that were already lacking, became overstressed and contaminated. 

Now, nearly 80% of rural Haitians lack direct access to sanitation facilities and only 40% have access to an improved water source. 

Clean water that is sustainable is crucial. 

We are working hard to play a small part in helping by digging wells in the rural areas we serve. 

Your partnership by donating to this campaign will further our efforts. Please prayerfully consider making a donation.

Thank you!




Updates to Water Well Project

Published Wed, Nov 22, 17. Written by Mary Ka Powers.

WE are moving forward.