It's that time of year again! Please help us provide school uniforms to all of the children in our sponsorship program. 

Our school in Haiti will officially start early September. We are currently raising funds to provide our children with new school uniforms. Each child will receive a a set of 2 uniforms, a backpack and a pair of shoes. 

There is nothing quite like seeing these Haitian children of all ages coming to school, dressed in their school uniforms, with a backpack on their shoulders, ready and excited to learn on their first day! 

This will be a tremendous help to their families and our staff. 

In Haiti, where only one in three students finishes sixth grade, your support provides the necessary educational funds for the children in our program to not only attend school until graduation, but to thrive and have the opportunity to make an impact that will trickle down for generations to come. 

Your continued support plays a critical role in their success!

On behalf of our team, and our children, thank you for your generosity! 




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David M
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