We need transportation help! Please donate to help us purchase a van.

Friends, great news! The number of children we are reaching from nearby villages is rapidly growing. Your support is making a huge impact and we are reaching so many children and their families. As more and more people hear of what we are doing, we are getting more and more interest in our program. 

We desperately want to help serve all of them that we can. But, we need your help.

There is not a way to easily transport all of these children from their nearby villages to our location. The terrain can be unsafe and the distance can be too far. 

We need a van so we can help get them to us and us to them! This van would considerably help our efforts of serving as many as we can and would increase attendance at our training events and vocational sessions. In turn, it would also help our team get to these people so we can get to know them and offer the assistance that they need.

Help us mobilize our community as we grow. This 18 passenger van will make our work so much easier and help us bring people together!

Thanks for your continued support of our big dreams!