Our children love to practice sports any chance they get, especially soccer! Please donate to help us provide new sports equipment this year.

You can often find the kids outside playing soccer and running around barefoot in the fields. If the few soccer balls we have are already being used, the kids will kick around plastic bottles or even tin cans. 

As you can imagine, the soccer balls and other sports equipment we have are very, very well loved. It's come time to replace many of them and also add to our inventory as the number of children we have also continues to grow! 

Its important to us that we encourage our children to practice sports and enjoy running around together outside. We can develop future champions, on and off the field, and teach them teamwork and perseverance while promoting their health.

We will use your donations to purchase cones, soccer balls, pumps, goals and other sporting equipment.

A little bit can go a long way in Haiti, so every donation makes a big difference!

*We kindly ask that all your donations are monetary as shipping can be unreliable and costly.

Thank you!




Caleb Rainey
Wake Forest, NC, United States
Johnny Subject
Raleigh, NC, United States