Let's celebrate the end of the year with a party!

Please donate so we can provide a fun-filled, end of the year celebration to our crew! Every little bit helps.

Our tradition is to celebrate the beginning and the end of each year with a celebration. We try to keep the costs down but we strive to make it a special occasion for our entire crew. 

For the end of the year party, we celebrate with ice cream, balloons, dancing and coloring!

We want to praise our students and staff for a job well done! They will receive achievement certificates and honors and display some of their new skills through skits they have put together in coordination with their teachers. If enough money is donated, we may be able to provide a special meal as well. 

Please help us fund this celebration so we can close out the year on a high note!

Thank you!


Test Message

Published Fri, Feb 07, 20. Written by Caleb Rainey.

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Back In School

Published Fri, Jul 27, 18. Written by David McWilliams.

The kids have returned to school for the semester.

New Play Equipment Campaign

Published Fri, Apr 25, 14. Written by David McWilliams.

We've started a fundraising campaign to raise money for the orphanage's new play equipment, please go to https://demo.reachapp.co/campaigns/example-campaign to donate or start your own personal fundraising page to help us reach our goal!